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Y1 - Simplify: Unclutter Your Soul (Couples)
Are you overscheduled? Exhausted? Overwhelmed? Join us for this book study by bestselling author Bill Hybels as he shares his own story of the wake-up call that changed everything—and the steps he took to simplify his life before it was too late. You'll discover how to stop living at such a frenetic pace and begin charting a new course toward satisfaction, purpose, and significance. Join us to discover the power of simplicity in your schedule, work, finances, relationships, and soul. Book $10
Santa Clara, CA 95054
North San Jose
Th every 2 weeks
7:30 PM /
Y2 - Resonate
Resonate is a group where college-aged, young adults journey together through life by seeking God's guidance, Scripture, and Holy Spirit in a fun and modern way. We are imperfect people striving to grow in our intimate relationships with an exceedingly perfect God. God's love is what connects us and we believe our love for one another and our societies are our defining testimony of God's grace, love, and goodness.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
North San Jose
W every week
7:00 PM /
Y3 - YP ReLOVEution
We are Young Professionals who go out into the community to do His gracious and compassionate work of LOVE via various projects. Christ came not to be served but TO serve, so with joyous hearts let us follow in His footsteps and love thy neighbor.
San Jose, CA 95131
North San Jose
1st Sa every month
9:00 AM /
Y4 - Coffee on Cottle
Each week, we'll go through "The king's cross" by Timothy Keller over coffee. Hope you can join us!
San Jose, CA 95123
South San Jose
W every week
6:30 AM /
Y5 - Food and Fellowship
A time to come and hangout over a home cooked meal and connect with others away from home, wherever that may be. The purpose of the group is to connect those people that are new to the Bay Area or just would like to meet new people. What a better way than to do that with food. Each meeting we will have something new to eat and a conversation to start, and celebrate community as we come together in fellowship. We hope to see you there! Costs: $10 to $20
San Jose, CA 95125
North San Jose
W every 2 weeks
6:30 PM /
Y6 - Facets: Reading the Book of Acts through a Lens of Biblical Diversity
"Each week we will learn about how a different people group interprets the Bible due to their racial or ethnic background(s) and then apply that lens to how we read and interpret the book of Acts. The goal is that we get a greater idea and love of who God is and His ""facets"" by learning about the different ways people interpret His word and therefore Him. Also if you're not a YP, talk to Anna about signing up! Si prefiere información o quiere venir pero solo habla español, habla con Anna!"
San Jose, CA 95133
North San Jose
Tu every week
7:15 PM /